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Green News

You'll find all you need to know to keep you in the loop on what is happening in the world of sustainability, strawbale, renewable energy, green architecture, and more at Green News.

Straw Bale

Follow my journey, working on real building sites with straw bale as well as relevant articles from the experts and other strawbale and sustainable building resources.

Solar Energy

More and more households are going solar, as electricity and gas become more expensive, and governments give incentives for 'going green'.

Energy Efficiency

There are loads of ways to improve energy efficiency around the home, some are virtually free and some at a cost which will pay for themselves over a longer timeframe.

Fire Protection

Living in the bush, especially in the southern parts of Australia involves the risk of bushfire, and is an important consideration when designing or retrofitting a home.

Green Technology

Green Technology is the place to keep up with whatever is happening in emerging 'green technology', some revolutionary, some life-changing and yes, some of it downright crazy.

Electric Bikes and other Bike News


Recycling Projects

Green Events

More and more corporate companies and celebrities are going green, as sustainability increases in importance for consumers, whether they are wanting a green wedding, eco venue to visit or sustainable event to attend.

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