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If you're thinking about 'going solar' and are in Australia, in previous times there have been government solar energy rebates available. In 2010 it was found that the Solar Credits Program was being rorted, so it was withdrawn.

The Solar Homes and Communities Plan was replaced on July 1st 2009 by the Solar Credits Program which offerred less in the way of financial aid, but was open to more community groups and businesses- both programs are now defunct with the only solar rebates being available for Solar Hot Water Systems.

Solar energy rebates are no longer available in Australia.

The conditions of the solar grants were-
  • limited to families with income of less than $100,000
  • only for your principal place of residence
  • for a 1kW system
  • for systems greater than 1kW no further grant will be applied

In essence it meant that many Australian homes could install a grid connected 1kW system for less than $4000 (including the rebate).

For the moment, in Australia, no governments grant or loans exist to assist households with the installation of a solar grid system.

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