Ethical and Green Investments

Sourcing Responsible Investments for Good Returns

Making the decision to go with Green Investments, or to invest ethically, is very much a personal decision, but should also be based on achieving good financial returns as well.

Making green investments can be as simple as selecting a green fund with your super company, or may involve research for direct investing with shares.

Each individual will have differing guidelines on what they see as being 'ethical' or ''green'. For one person a bank might be considered 'green' because they use sustainable practices in their workplace, even though their 'products' are not green in any way. Before making any decisions, you need to sit down and work out what your own personal guidelines are.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

Excluding companies that you definitely do not want to invest in, ie; cigarettes, child labour, gambling, alcohol/liquor, polluting industries for example.

Selecting broad areas that you do want to invest in. These could include:

  • green /clean energy
  • green technology- sustainable products, medical advancements
  • the organic food industry- also known as 'slow food', as opposed to the fast food industry

Many super funds now offer the option of green funds, ethical investment portfolios, and similarly named products which is a way for you to invest green without having to put in the research.

Alternatively, you can invest directly if you manage your own super fund, or by buying shares in a company that meets your criteria for being 'green and clean' as well as in terms of dividends and other monetary considerations.

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