Home Fire Safety

Building for Fire Protection

If you are considering building a home, particularly in a less suburban location, then YOUR home fire safety needs to be treated as a priority.

Australia is known for its bushfires, and anyone who has survived, or seen the destruction left in the wake of a major bushfire, knows that bushfires are a real threat to property and lives each and every summer.

Slow recovery after the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria.

It is no longer just a risk for 'bush blocks', but also for those living on the urban fringe, in heavily treed areas, as years of successive drought conditions put areas into much higher risk than ever before.

The Black Saturday bushfires of 2009 in Victoria, saw huge loss of property and life, with extreme bushfire conditions that had not been seen before. A 'firestorm' was experienced, for which very few were prepared, despite many years of warnings, and preparation for bushfires in outer suburban and rural areas.

  • If you think your home may be at risk undertake a Home Self Assessment.

  • Reduce the risk to your home through fuel reduction and increasing the defendable space around your home.

  • Create your Fire Plan and know what you will do in the event that you are under threat from a bushfire.

  • New Fire Ratings are now in place, and will be broadcast on days of high fire danger- understand them so that you know when to leave your home.

  • If you live in a high risk area, attend a Community Meeting and learn more about how your community is coming together to face the challenge.

Bushfire affected households are currently eligible for Solar Hot Water Rebates.

As well as having bushfire plans, to escape an approaching fire, more and more families are examining the possibility of fire bunkers as a place of last resort.

Interim Fire Bunker Guidelines now apply in Victoria.

The first accredited fire bunker is now available to the general public. Read more about the Wildfire Safety Bunker...

In the recovery efforts since the 2009 fires, the residents of the outlying areas of Melbourne are rebuilding with fire protection in mind.

New buildings need fire protection measures to be carefully thought out, and new fire safety regulations and standards must be met.

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