Fire Safety Tips

Creating A Fire Plan

If you have determined that your home is at potential risk of fire and are wanting to create a Fire Plan there are several major considerations to help you to decide whether to stay or go, before you even undertake an Assessment of your Property.

A well practised Fire Plan could save you and your families lives in the event of a bushfire.

  • The age and physical ability of the occupants of your home. Any plans to stay should not include the elderly, intellectually disabled or children under the age of 16.

  • Will you be alone to defend your property? Two or more adults able to cope with both the physical and mental stress of defending the home are required.

  • Are you mentally prepared to stay and defend your home? Defending your home will be highly stressful mentally, as well as physically

  • Do you have pets and/or livestock to consider?

  • Is your home and car insurance up to date?

  • Does your area have a Township Protection Plan?

A Fire Plan should be written down, understood and practised by ALL members of your household.

Creating a Fire Plan has several steps involved and Fire Ready Kits to help you in creating your Fire Plan are available from the

CFA Website , or by calling 1800 240 667.

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