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Home Fire Safety

When building in bush locations, home fire safety needs to be given careful consideration.

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Bushfire Protection Building Regulations

For those rebuilding, or planning to build in bushfire prone areas, new Building Regulations have come into action to improve the bushfire protection of homes in Victoria.

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Interim Fire Bunker Guidelines

In Victoria, Interim fire bunker guidelines have been released while we wait for testing to be done before a new set of National Standards are released in 2010.

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Computer Recycling Centres

If you are wanting to donate your old computer there are a number of computer recycling centres who will accept it.

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Fuel Reduction

To be able to defend your home in the event of a bushfire, you may need to undertake fuel reduction to give give your property the best chance of survival.

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Ethical Gifts for Christmas

In search of the ultimate in ethical gifts? You can't beat cow dung, a pig or a donkey! Support some laughs this Xmas as well as an aid agency, and families overseas who could do with a helping hand.

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World Environment Day

It's World Environment Day - celebrate at home with your family, or take part in a march or community activity happening in your local area.

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Green House Healing

Everything you wanted to know to have a green house that uses less energy, saves water. Focus on strawbale building and fire protection when living in the bush.

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