Ethical Gifts for Christmas

Stinky Presents and Good Humour

If you are in search of the perfect gift for Christmas with a touch of humour then ethical gifts might just be the answer.

Ever thought of the gift of cow manure? As strange as it sounds, this $15 bargain, marketed as 'not your average crap present' will supply a Sri Lankan farmer with enough manure fertiliser for a whole acre of land. So both the giver and the receiver can know that they are supporting organic farming in a growing nation and gain a few laughs out of the experience.

The options for ethical presents are rapidly expanding as Aid agencies capitalise on a growing backlash to the mass consumerism at Christmas.

It seems with more and more of us receiving unwanted gifts, that novelty, humour and goodwill are the way to go.

Several leading charities now have specialised programs to feed the growing market.

  • Oxfam has the ever-expanding 'Unwrapped Program' - cow manure, goats, pigs, school fees and more..

  • World Vision Australia offers 'Smiles Packages' - beehives, donkeys, fruit trees, and more. You can search by price, 7 different categories or one of two packages
  • The Australian Red Cross has 'Warm Fuzzies' - give someone a 'warm fuzzy' either in Australia or worldwide from a mere $13 right up to $1200 for clean drinking water.
  • Project Concern has the 'Gift of Life' - with three gift categories- health, nutrition and hope. With gifts ranging from $20 up to $150.
  • Tear Australia has the 'World's Most Useful Gift Catalogue' - with a range of ethical gifts starting at just $10.00

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