Green Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Finding new inspiration for this year's Christmas wrapping ideas can be a challenge with sustainability now on all of our minds.

The quickest and easiest way to reduce on wrapping paper, which can be both expensive and wasteful, is to buy gifts that don't need wrapping. Things like vouchers and memberships which can simply be hung on the tree are 'wrap free'.

A multitude of ideas for a green Christmas, and all without traditional wrapping paper!

Not quite the answer for all of us though! If you do have a gift that needs some clever wrapping, you could try-

  • a pretty teatowel (also adds to the gift!)

  • gift bags either in paper or material which can then be re-used by the receiver

  • make your own wrapping paper with a roll of brown paper decorated with paint, writing, sparkles- kids love helping with this- use stamps or make your own with potatoes or sponges cut to shape!

  • a silk scarf

  • use a container that can be re-used, a tote bag, cane basket, planting pot..

Don't forget to recycle all of your unwanted Christmas cards after Christmas. In Australia, Planet Ark provides recycling bins at all Australia Post outlets until the end of January!

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