Accredited Fire Bunker

Wildfire Bushfire Bunkers

The first accredited bushfire bunker has been released for private use in Victoria.

The Building Commission, CSIRO and CFA have been involved in testing the fire bunker for three months to ensure that it meets the interim standards.

The new National Standards for private bushfire shelters in Australia are still under development.

The bunker, designed by Wildfire Safety Bunkers, is a fully engineered concrete shell with a stainless steel fire rated door. It is designed to accomodate six adults for one hour in a sealed environment.

Once the fire front has passed the bunker has air vents which can be opened, meaning that the bunker could be used for much longer than an hour, but with protective and breathing gear required.

The bunkers are lowered into a hole in the ground with just the top door exposed, and have a ladder entry.

Approximate cost is $10,500 plus installation.

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