Green Energy Investing

Investing for A Sustainable Future

If you are looking specifically for green energy investing in Australia, then you have a number of options open to you, but your decisions will very much be based upon your personal interpretation of 'green' and 'clean' in terms of energy production.

With a carbon tax looming, and prices for electricity steadily increasing with the privatisation of the industry, there is renewed interest in clean forms of energy and how they can gradually take over from less sustainable energy sources like coal.

Your own green energy investing can be as narrow or wide a net as you choose to cast, and comes back to your own ethical standards.

Would you invest in nuclear energy? It is seen as a clean energy source, but has other inherent risks involved.

Origin Energy have a multi-billion dollar project in Queensland currently underway, for the drilling and creation of gas plants for the use of coal-seam gas.
Does coal-seam gas fit into your criteria for 'clean energy production', and do Origin Energy meet your other investing requirements?
Only you can make that decision.

Other more obvious alternatives for Australian ethical investment in energy can be in varied solar and wind developments, of which there are many companies to choose from.

Any ethical investment funds that you choose to set up or join, need to be compared with broader investment options to ensure that they stack up in terms of valuation, earnings, potential and expected dividends.

If you rely on your own super fund to invest in sustainable funds or ethical funds on your behalf, be aware that they could include blue chip companies like Telstra, BHP and the major banks, who are sustainable in their business practices, but not necessarily their products.

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