Solar Hot Water Rebate

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The Solar Hot Water Rebate is available to Australian households who have installed a solar hot water system, or a heat pump system in their homes.

The rebate is only available after installation (2 month window in which to make the claim) and the installer needs to have been a licensed plumber or electrician.

The new system must meet the eligibility criteria and be replacing an existing hot water system- thus it is not open to new homes- except in the case of Bushfire Affected Households in Victoria- see below.

The rebate is currently:

  • $1000 for solar hot water

  • $600 for heat pump hot water systems

Solar Hot Water Rebates for Bushfire Affected Households

In related news, Victorians rebuilding their homes after the bushfires of February 2009, will be eligible for a solar hot water rebate. The rebate is not generally open to those building new homes but has been allowed, provided that households:

  • are rebuilding a home they lost in the fires,

  • are installing a solar or heat pump hot water system that is eligible for at least 20 renewable energy certificates, and

  • are also installing a rainwater tank at the property that meets the criteria for the Victorian five star building standards.

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