CiP - Plastic Circuit Board

Cutting Back on Computer E-Waste

A fantastic product in development in Australia is CiP (Circuits in Plastic) a new type of circuit board made from recycled plastic and with a much lower carbon footprint than currently produced circuit boards.

CiP is the brainchild of Professor David Theil and Madhusudanrao Neeli, who can both be found at Griffith University in the Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications (CWMA).

New technology brings us plastic circuit boards- dramatically reducing e-waste.

With e-waste and the recycling of electronic parts becoming a growing issue worldwide, CiP has many advantages-

  • CiP uses less of the toxic materials used traditionally

  • doesn't require etching or soldering

  • the circuit is water proof

  • is itself easy to recycle

  • can be used for simple or more complex circuit boards

Best of all CiP is expected to be cheaper to produce than standard circuit boards, giving manufacturers even more reason to jump ship!

More details and a short video about CiP over at the New Inventors Website.

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