Solar Bike Storage - Green Pod

Shower, Change and Store Your Bicycle

Penny Farthings in Brisbane, Australia, have developed the Green Pod, a solar powered bike storage area, where cyclists can store their bikes, as well as grabbing a quick shower.

The Green Pod solar bicycle storage unit in action. The self-cleaning interior of the Green Pod, bike storage and shower unit.

The Pod is the size of a standard carparking space and as well as looking pretty damn smart it has has an impressive list of sustainable features-

  • solar hot water and timed showers

  • grey water treatment

  • self-cleaning mechanism

  • sustainable construction

  • lockers, two showers and two change rooms

  • storage room for 10 bikes

Penny Farthings also produce 'pushbike trees' and 'pushbike cradles', novel and innovative bike storage for urban areas.

The first Green Pod has been installed at Queensland University of Technology’s Kelvin Grove campus, and as well as at other Universities we may see the 'Pods' popping up at train stations around Brisbane.

More at the Penny Farthings website (

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