Solar Rebates

The New Solar Credits Program

The new Solar Credits Program commenced on July 1st 2009. It replaces the Solar Homes and Communities Program and does have significant differences regarding the solar rebates that you may be eligible for.

It is of benefit to higher income households (over $100 000), community groups and businesses as it is not means tested.
For lower income households, it will mean less finanicial assistance. In real terms approximately $5000 less for a 1kW system, and $2500 less for a 1.5kW system in comparison to the current system.

Solar rebates will still available once the current program runs out, but they are changing, so understand which program gives you the most benefit.

The full rebate under the new solar rebate scheme is $9000, which is more than for the current scheme, but it depends on locational factors, as well as the size of the system being installed.

Australia has four 'zones', based on how much energy can be produced by a solar panel within each 'zone'. When applying for a solar panel system your retailer will be able to tell you which zone your postcode fits into and thus what rating applies to your potential rebate.

For a system of 1.5kW the subsidy varies between $7000 - $9000 so contact your solar panel supplier to work out the system you need and which rebate you're eligible for.

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