Stuffed Straw Bale Walls

Straw, Straw and More Straw!

More work at the strawbale house. Having internal strawbale walls greatly increases the insulative properties of the house but creating stuffed strawbale walls are a time consuming process.

The original work, that we had started several weeks ago, had paused as the electrical rough-in needed to be completed first.Now that all of the lighting, power pints and associated electrical wiring is in, we can continue with the 'wall stuffing'.

Internal stuffed strawbale wall with electrical rough-in visible.

It is simple and active work, lots of climbing up and down ladders, and lots and lots of straw. Each wall has its netting wire stapled on to a height of about 600mm, which then firmly stuffed. The second height of wire can then be stapled and then stuffed, and so the process continues.

With a reasonable team of people working, and the lower wire already cut and stapled into place, the wall stuffing could probably be completed in a couple of days.

The goal is to finish next weekend, with a working bee happening, and then the fun of rendering can commence!

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