Green Celebrities

Spreading the Green Word from Hollywood and Beyond...

Green celebrities are hot in the news and they just seem to keep amassing in numbers.

More and more celebrities, not just from Hollywood, but all over the globe are strutting their green ways- from tree planting, to hybrid cars, green architecture, sustainability and much much more...

Getting green is getting cool, and if the rich and famous want to endorse the shift to thinking globally and acting locally, then I say, bring it on!!

And the stars get about as big as they come- green movie stars, green bands and green tv stars...

  • Brad Pitt being involved in several environmentally friendly building projects, including acting as a consultant for a new hotel in Dubai and promoting the completion of sustainable housing in New Orleans

  • Bindi Irwin the pint-sized eco-warrior has released a range of eco-clothing for kids as a part of her Bindi Wear range.

  • Jude Law supporting the Peace One Day movement by returning to Aghanistan, where he last year filmed a documentary with Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day.

  • Daryl Hannah, long known for her sustainable lifestyle and her support for the use of renewable biofuels for use across the USA.

  • Matt Damon with his keen interest in electric cars, notably the Tesla as well as his involvement in the H2O Africa Foundation, bringing clean water to Africa and beyond.

  • Geoge Clooney and his support of electric cars. Previously driving a Tango 600, but now getting around in a sleek Tesla.

  • John Mayer greening his 2008 tour with eco-friendly products, bio-diesel fuel and more with the help of non-profit group Reverb

  • Colin Firth and his extended family setting up Eco Age the retail store combined with showroom and consultancy for green living.

  • Oprah doing green promotions

  • Prince Charles launching the Prince's Rainforest Project, to promote awareness about the plight of the world's tropical rainforests

  • Bono recently featuring in the 'One' campaign to make poverty history

  • Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Edward Norton, Will Ferrell and others driving hybrid cars

  • Leonardo Di Caprio's very public support of Al Gore and many other green issues like the rebuilding of Greensburg in the United States and his purchasing of an apartment in the eco-friendly Riverhouse development in New York.

  • Robert Redford supporting green architecture

  • Cate Blanchett being the face of the Who On Earth Cares campaign

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