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Matt Damon Lending a Hand

Matt Damon is not just in the news for zipping around in a prototype Tesla, he is also one of the co-founders of the H2O Africa Foundation.

The program supports and funds clean water programs in Africa where the majority of death and sickness is caused by impure or lack of water. By providing clean water to communities, the expectation is that up 50% of hospital beds can be freed and the health budget can focus on other critical care needs.

Happy children - the result of clean drinking water, through the efforts of the H2O Africa Foundation.

Quoting Matt Damon

“On my trips to Africa I saw firsthand the life-changing impact that access to safe water can have, especially for children. Along with other factors like sanitation, medical care and education, safe water enables entire communities to pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty."

By ensuring that the projects involve education, training and maintenance, it means that a community then has a long-term sustainable clean water supply as well as increased productivity for agriculture and a reduction in disease.

The H20 Africa Foundation has received major funding from PepsiCo, and teamed with the Earth Institute to find sustainable solutions in Africa, as well as India, Brazil and China.

To support the mission of the H20 Africa Foundation you can donate, and for extra incentive, any donation you make will instantly be doubled, so your $20 becomes $40, $100 becomes $200.
You get the picture, so donate here.

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