Jude Law Peace Day

Returns to Aghanistan

Jude Law returns to Aghanistan for Peace One Day.

As a part of the build up for Peace Day which is fast approaching on Septmeber 21st, Jude Law has returned to Afghanistan.

Law was in Aghanistan last year for the same event, and said he was 'hugely moved, not by the conflict, but by the people's courage and the people's sense of hope.'

Law was invloved in the making of a documentary The Day After Peace, with filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, the brains behind Peace Day.

The documentary also features Angelina Jolie, the Dalai Lama, Annie Lennox, Kofi Annan and Jonny Lee Mille. It will be screened at this years Peace Day events, and can also be purchased online at their website.

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