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New Range for the Eco Warrior

With our family heading north to visit Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia next week, I thought it was time to look at Bindi's new range of eco-clothing, a part of her Bindi Wear brand.
Bindi Irwin, the busiest 10 year old in the nation, has a new range that has just been released in Australia and for the first time in the USA.

The new range of RENEW (restore the planet) clothes are made from second-generation cotton. Yeah, we were asking too, what is second-gen cotton?

The new range of Bindi Wear eco-clothing has just been released in Australia and the USA.

From the Australia Zoo website-

"All yarns are recycled from cut and sew textile clippings, which are then made into new fibres. It's even better than organic cotton as it results in less pollution, chemicals and requires less energy and water as opposed to the heavy global footprint of conventionally grown cotton."

It sure sounds impressive, and the Irwins have always held strong values regarding the environment and conservation with ALL of the profits from Bindi Wear and Bindi Wear International going towards supporting the Australia Zoo's conservation projects.

The range is available for babies right up to ten year olds (for boys and girls) and can be purchased at Myer stores or through the Australia Zoo Website if you are in Australia. Those outside of Australia can now purchase through Zappos.

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