Riverhouse Green Apartments

Living the High Life in New York

It seems Leonardo di Caprio's green street cred is bringing other big names over to the luxury Riverhouse green apartments at One Rockefeller Park, New York. The building boasts a multitude of green features:

Riverhouse apartments, eco-friendly living at One Rockefeller Park in New York.

  • photovoltaic grid which tracks the movement of the sun to maximise the energy produced.

  • air that is twice filtered before entering the building

  • onsite water filtration

  • renewable materials, low-emitting paints, adhesives and sealants

  • green roof spaces

  • plus a whole host of other eco-friendly features

Star of 'Ugly Betty', America Ferrera is rumoured to be enamoured with the building. Last year she won the bidding for a Toyota Prius as part of a benefit to support AIDS research and is said to be very 'green conscious'.
Tyra Banks has also reportedly purchased an apartment in the development.

Sounds like just the place to live if you've got a few million to spare!
Want to check out what you're getting for your money?
Well HERE it is!

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