George Clooney Tango Electric Car

From Tango to Tesla

George Clooney and his black Tango 600.

George Clooney is in the coveted position of being a part of the top 100, in line to get a Tesla Roadster, but in the meantime, gets around Los Angeles in his Tango 600, the electric two-seater vehicle that he has been driving since 2005.

No doubt his pride will be restored once he can swap the Tango for the Tesla, a car more in sync with his 'sexiest man alive' tag.

His has been driving the Tango since late 2005, and although he may not be the greenest of celebrities, making the use of private jets, he has been committed to electric cars, and will no doubt be shedding a tear when he has to leave the Tango behind to slide behind the wheel of a Tesla. (yeah right!!)

Funnily enough the acceleration of the Tesla is not any faster than that of the Tango, both reaching 60 mph (100kmh) in about 4 seconds, it's just that the Tesla is so much damn sexier, right George!

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