Tango Electric Car

Small, In Size, NOT Performance

The Tango electric car is that teeny tiny vehicle is half the width of a standard car, it seats two but in tandem, one behind the other.

A deal between UK-based automotive technology specialist Prodrive and Commuter Cars in Washington is seeing the cars now produced in the USA. The cars are built one at a time and are available with either a lithium or lead acid battery.

The most well known driver of the Tango is ofcourse George Clooney who makes a point of being photographed zooming about LA in his snazzy black Tango.

Zippy Tango electric car producing zero emissions and you can park it just about anywhere!

In terms of performance, don't judge the Tango by its size. It has-

  • faster acceleration than standard cars, reaching 60mph (100kmh) in about 4 second

  • manouevrability similar to a motorbike, being able to change lanes and weave through heavy traffic

  • can be parked perendicular to the curb, in motorcycle parking bays, or in any gap between other parked cars

  • charges in just 3 hours, and has an 80 mile (130kms) range.

Parking is no longer an issue considering the size of the Tango 600.

Because it is such a strange looking vehicle, the safety of the Tango is often questioned. The majority of the cars' weight is in the batteries which are stored under the floor, giving the car a low centre of gravity, thus rivalling low slung sports cars for its rollover threshold. The Tango has been built around a racecar roll cage to protect occupants, even in high speed crashes.

There is currently only one Tango currently available to the mass market, the T600, but two more affordable models are in production and can be ordered with a small deposit required at the Commuter Cars website.

The Tango 600 has been produced in low volumes with high performance and a high price tag of about $108 000 with the sales supporting the development of the new models Tango 200 and 100.
The Tango 200 will have an expected retail tag of $39 900, leather seats, and superior acceleration of 0-60mph in 5 seconds.
The Tango 100 at a mere $18 700 provides less in terms of performance and features, but with all the benefits that the Tango electric car brings to the market.

So, sexy, NO, but responsive, manoeuvrable, safe and emission free, YES! Now we just need to line up and wait for the T200 and T100 to hit the market so that the rest of us can drive one!

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