How Hybrid Cars Work

The Simple Answer!

If you are interested in buying a hybrid car and want to know how hybrid cars work, then in simple terms they work by combining a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor to supply power to the car.

These two systems work together to give the car the power to accelerate and to produce electricity to be stored in the cars battery. A complicated transmission and electronics system work to optimise power. This all goes on unseen, and hybrid vehicles are pretty much just like standard vehicles to drive.

There are several types of hybrid vehicle available, each having its own unique approach to technology and thus different options for powering the vehicle. As technology improves more hybrids will become available that do not use the standard petrol / gasoline and electric combination; like new diesel, E85 and hydrogen models-

  • Full Hybrid (majority of hybrid cars on the market at the moment)
  • Assist Hybrid
  • Mild Hybrid
  • Two Mode Hybrid
  • Diesel Hybrid
  • Hydrogen Hybrid
  • E85 Ethanol
  • Plug In Hybrid

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