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Finding Renewable Sources for Biofuels

Daryl Hannah has long supported the use of biofuels. The actress who lives on an eco-farm in Colorado, has been using bio-fuels for her two cars, a Chevroloet El Camino and a 4x4 for pulling horses and dealing with snow conditions for close to ten years.

She insists on using B100, the 100% biofuel, with hers coming from waste grease, also known as WVO (waste vegetable oil). Hannah co-founded the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance , to help set certification criteria for sustainable bio-diesel fuels.

With the large increases in global food prices, bio-fuel production and use in the United States and Europe has largely been blamed. Hannah admitted that ethanol and corn production are partly responsible for the rises in food prices but insists,

"We absolutely need bio-fuels to play a part in solving our energy crisis/demands, but it's essential to make them sustainably."

Hannah is certain that renewable biofuels can exist alongside food-production because bio-fuels can come from many sources for both bio-diesel and ethanol, including alternatives like "garbage, hemp, algae, moringa, jatropha, cellulose waste and prairie grasses."

Although Hannah had criticism for the amount of money and energy that has gone into producing bio-fuels in an unsustainable manner, she was happy that,

"..bio-fuels are now not just perceived as a fringe alternative but as a real and important part of the solution."

Original Story by Thomson Reuters

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