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I spotted an interesting article over at TreeHugger about the ineffectiveness of recycling bins in downtown Toronto. The bins in the article have labels that are too low, images that are difficult to decipher, and little in the way to 'help' the masses do the right thing.

In contrast, I was recently at the Going Green Expo in Melbourne and came upon the stall for The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, who provide cleaning services using renewable and natural cleaning products. They also give advice on lighting, energy reduction, waste management and recycling.

In contrast to the bins seen in Toronto, the Planet Earth 'Eco Bins' are in bold colours which happen to also match the colour coding for household bins in Melbourne (green and yellow at least).
I am not sure if this is deliberate or purely by chance, but surely by maintaining a continuity, consumers are going to become better recyclers when they instinctively know which bin to put their waste into.

The Eco Bin recycling station by The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, uses colour to help comnsumers become better recyclers.

Image of Eco Bin Recycling System courtesy of The Planet Earth Cleaning Company.

  • Yellow- mixed recycling- bottles, cans, plastics etc
  • Green- organic matter
  • Blue- paper
  • Red- landfill- non-recyclable plastics, wrappers.

Obviously the Eco Bins are aimed at business and are designed for indoor use as recycling containers, rather than outdoor bins for public use. The bins are also washable and recyclable, and The Planet Earth Cleaning Company forecasts that by companies using the Eco Bins effectively they can reduce landfill rubbish by 65%. More at the Planet Earth Website.

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