Toyota Camry Hybrid

Hybrid to be Produced in Australia?

The Toyota Camry hybrid is already available to US buyers, and if Toyota Australia has its way, the hybrid might be the first to be built in Australia, at the Altona facility near Melbourne.

With the Camry being one of the most popular cars in Australia in recent years, the production would potentially be on a large scale, aiming largely at government and fleet buyers.

The popular Toyota, could soon be produced in Australia in its hybrid model.

In the US the Prius is still the most popular hybrid even though the current model is now four years old. Camry sales are roughly a quarter of those for the Prius, with both models keeping Toyota way out in front for hybrid car sales.Toyota's sales report for January 2008, shows that their hybrid sales in the USA reached 10% (18 652 units) of total Toyota light vehicle sales for the month.

The Prius hybrid is currently the only Toyota hybrid available in Australia. The Lexus arm of the company offers the RX luxury 4WD and GS sedan. Toyota sold 1,974 Priuses in 2006 in Australia, and sales increased by 60% in 2007 with improved supply.

Sales and Marketing director of Toyota Australia, Dave Buttner believes the added volume of a Camry hybrid will have a flow-on effect for Prius sales.
"Mass production of hybrids will bring economies of scale."

It is expected that price improvements in hybrids will see their selection be as much about economy as the environment. Locally produced hybrids may not hit the market until 2011 giving Australians plenty of time to consider the alternatives.

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