BMW Hybrid Hydrogen 7 Series

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The BMW Hydrogen 7, a hydrogen hybrid looks like any other of the BMW 7-Series models except it carries a V12 engine and a specially designed crash-proof hydrogen tank for its liquid hydrogen fuel.

The concept BMW hybrid hydrogen car is currently in Melbourne as part of its world tour.

The car is not yet available in Australia because of a lack of infrastructure. Several other parts of the world namely parts of California, Norway and Japan who have all created 'hydrogen corridors' where hydrogen refuelling stations have been established and small numbers of hydrogen cars are being tested.

Even though the BMW is not yet available to the 'common people', it is being marketed as an accessory for executives, movie stars, artists and sports personalities, a similar approach as was taken for electric hybrids. Noted celebrities currently driving the cars around L.A include Will Ferrell, Edward Norton, Jay Leno and Jennifer Garner.

There are several issues for hydrogen hybrid technologies in Australia to overcome to make it a viable alternative for the future

  • sourcing fuel- Australia's hydrogen is a byproduct of petrol production and takes more energy to produce that it generates as a fuel
  • distance- only gets between 100-200km per tank depending on the car
  • weight of tanks, makes the cars heavier thus less fuel efficient
  • infrastructure- major stumbling block as many hydrogen fuelling stations would be required, just like petrol stations
  • safety- compressed gas cylinder, make some drivers uneasy

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