Benefits of a Hybrid Car

How 'GREEN' are they?

The benefits of a hybrid car include reduced fuel bills, and the knowledge that you are driving one of the 'greenest' cars available today, but car makers were looking for two main improvements with the development of hybrid vehicles:

  • reduced emissions
  • improved mileage

The benfits of a hybrid car, include reduced emissions, improved mileage and reduced fuel bills.

Reduced Emissions

By reducing emissions hybrids produce less CO2 (carbon dioxide) which contributes to global warming, as well as less pollution. Decreasing the fuel consumption of the car is a definite way to decrease emissions and hybrids cut emissions by 25% to 35% over even the most fuel efficient gas powered models.

Improved mileage

Hybrid vehicles are the most fuel-efficient cars on the road at the moment.They can typically get in the range of 48 to 60 miles per gallon which is roughly 20% to 35% better than a small fuel efficient gasoline/petrol powered vehicle like the Honda Civic.

Hybrid cars also have the benefits of constantly improving technology including-

  • advanced aerodynamics - to reduce drag
  • lightweight materials - increases efficiency
  • smaller and more efficient engines
  • regenerative braking - the car charges the batteries while it is slowing down
  • periodic engine shut off - when a hybrid car is stopped in traffic, the engine is temporarily shut off, further reducing emissions
  • low-rolling resistance tyres are narrower and stiffer giving less drag

Prices are slowly coming down for hybrids, with many governments offerring tax incentives and rebates for new hybrid car purchases. As fuel prices continue to increase, the benefits of having a hybrid will be more marked with increased savings in fuel bills, enabling the cars to 'pay back' the cost difference of their initial purchase.

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