Prius One Million Sales

Continued Success for a Toyota 'Gamble'

Toyota has announced that at the end of April, they had sold just over one million Prius vehicles worldwide. Not bad for a car that in 1997 was a huge gamble for Toyota in a market flooded with SUVs and petrol much cheaper than it is today.

More than half of Prius sales have come in the last two years showing that demand for hybrid vehicles is continuing to gain, and suppliers in the US are having a hard time keeping up as petrol prices continue to reach new highs.

Toyota estimated that Priuses on the road have reduced carbon-dioxide emissions by 4.5 million tonnes worldwide in comparison with petrol driven vehicles of a similar sizeand performance.

In its largest market, the US, hybrid sales last year rose by 38%, and by a staggering 67% in the month of April as fuel prices surged towards the $1.20 a barrel mark. All this despite the car being more than four years old in a new-car market. The much anticipated new model Prius won't be seen until next January at the Detroit Motor Show.

So what are Australia's statistics? Just over 9,300 of the total Priuses worldwide have been sold in Australia, not even 1% of our car market. Promisingly, sales did increase by more than 60 per cent last year largely due to improved availability in the marketplace.

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