Sustainable Coffee for McDonalds?

Macca's Joining the 'Eco-Friendly' Crowd

McDonald's or the McCafe part thereof, are chasing their share of the green spotlight by committing to using sustainable coffee beans from March of 2009.

McDonalds in Australia are going all green on us by sourcing sustainable coffee from South America.

Non-profit organization Rainforest Alliance gets the job of determining which coffee beans meet the criteria of being suitably environmentally friendly, and will also provide their green frog label to the new McDonald's cups in which your coffee will be served.

As yet there is no talk about whether fair-trade coffee beans will be a part of the mix, but they will be sourced from South American plantations.

Australians spend 20% of their coffee dollars at McDonalds, so whether they're doing it for the right reasons or not, it will be shifting a large percentage of the coffee market to a green product and putting further pressure on other coffee makers in Australia to do the same.

So why the sudden shift? Well apart from the good press that is sure to follow, McDonalds research indicated that people 'wanted to make a positive contribution' by buying a 'sustainable' cup of coffee.

Source Thaindian News

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