Shipping Container Homes

The Ultimate in Recycling!

In my dream to build a house out in the country I have started looking at the possibility of living in a shipping container home as a short term accommodation option while we are building.

For several years I have been seeing shipping containers- often seen as somewhat of a 'waste product' being used in various forms as shipping container homes, and not always as emergency or short term accommodation. You can find them as contemporary pieces of architectural design in the form of homes, offices, shopping centres and even civic buildings.

An example of some shipping container homes, from basic right up to architectural designs.

If you think about it a shipping container house is the ultimate in recycling.

Shipping containers have some built in benefits

  • easy and cheap to access
  • easy to transport
  • built in strength and modular size
  • provide strong lines for architectural styling

As someone interested in living in a shipping container home you have the option of buying a used container and undertaking the conversion yourself, or buying a prefab unit, that is delivered to your site, set up, usually in the space of a day, and ready for you to move in.

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