Non GMO Foods

Keeping Your Trolley GM Free.

If you are trying to stick to non GMO foods then knowing the main GM crops and their derivative products will help you to keep a GM free shopping trolley.

The major four GM crops in the United States are soybean, corn, cotton, and canola, and about 75% of processed foods contain at least one of these ingredients or a derivative.This pretty much means that ALL consumers are being exposed to GM products without being able to make a choice as GM products are not labeled in the US.

The majority of meat and dairy produce in the US contain GM products either from the GM feed being consumed by the cattle if not from a growth hormone (rbGH) injected into dairy cows.
Processed foods are also more likely to contain GM products. Genetically modified bacteria are used in the production of vitamins, food additives, flavorings and processing agents in thousands of foods on the grocery shelves.

The European Union, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand among others all label GM foods.
Because GM foods are not labeled, U.S. consumers cannot avoid them, and subsequent health problems cannot be linked to GM foods. A high proportion of consumers in the US (94%) believe that foods with GM ingredients should be labeled as such.

For consumers wanting to try their hardest to avoid GM foods, the best options are to try to buy organic foods, and reduce the amount of processed food in your diet.

Two sites that will help when filling your shopping trolley are listed below-

True Food Now - download the app or look for link to their printable shoppers guide.
Greenpeace True Food Shopping List USA

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