Making Biodiesel at Home

What You Need To Know

Making biodiesel at home can be done in a whole manner of ways but before you jump in to make your own biodiesel there are a few things to note:

  • it takes time

  • it requires an initial investment in materials and chemicals

  • you need to filter the biofuel and determine its quality before using it in your vehicle

  • results are different for different areas due to weather, temperature & humidity, so testing is required

  • it can be dangerous, you need to work in a well ventilated area and use caution

Biodiesel fuels are available at the pump but you can also be making biodiesel at home.

If you still want to know how to make biodiesel then you need to decide where to source your information in order to do so:

  • many websites out there provide information on making biodiesel fuel, biodiesel formulas and biodiesel recipes- mostly at a price

  • you can find a biodiesel forum and learn from those who have been there and done it- lots of information to absorb and compare

  • buy a full biodiesel kit (with support included) so that you are guided through the process- expect to pay thousands of dollars

If all that chemistry sounds a bit scary to you, then another option is just to run your diesel vehicle on one of the biodiesel blends that are available at selected service stations.

Biodiesel is a little bit cheaper (in Melbourne anyway!) than standard diesel, but it's not going to save you masses of money by any means. Public opinion from those who use biodiesel, indicates that their vehicles run better, cleaner and yes, they do have a clearer conscience!

Alternatively, a biodiesel conversion can be done on your vehicle so that it can run on standard diesel, biodiesel, vegetable oil, waste vegetable oil, or a combination of those fuels. The conversion means that you can use biofuels without needing to filter or treat them.

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