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There are currently 6 hybrid cars available in Australia widely ranging in price and features.
The major battle continues between the two more affordable models; the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic. For many (myself included!) the range of Lexus models are well out of our price range starting at a cool $95 000.

As demand increases and more models are released into the U.S. market it is expected that more hybrids will become available in Australia.

If you can't afford a hybrid there are a large number of diesel cars available as well as many petrol-driven small cars which have low emissions and good fuel efficiency. Hybrids have been in the market for a few years so they can also be bought at auction, still under warranty, saving you anywhere up to Au$10 000.

Hybrid Cars Available in Australia as at January 2008

Model Price (excl. on roads) Car Type
Honda Civic $32 990 4 Door Sedan
Lexus RX 400H $95,300 SUV
Lexus GS 450H $121,964 Luxury 4 Door Sports Sedan
Lexus LS 600HL $233,000 Luxury V8 4 Door Sedan
Toyota Prius $37,990 5 door hatch standard
Toyota Prius i-Tech $46,900 5 door hatch luxury

Obviously the Toyota Prius is the most well known hybrid, and the biggest seller. In the month of May of 2007, 380 were sold- a record to date, but still only making hybrid sales a tiny percentage of the Australian car market.

In contrast the Honda Civic Hybrid is $5000 cheaper, but regularly sells out its 80 cars a month allocation, meaning long waiting lists for potential buyers.

The following article gives a good comparison between the two models, comparing the features that might be important to you before parting with your hard-earned dollars.

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