Homemade Solar Hot Water Heaters

Save Money and the Environment

Solar energy is free and abundant, whereas electricity and gas are costing us more and more each year. Have you considered solar, in specific, homemade solar hot water heaters as a way to save $$ for your household, and help the environment?

Homamade solar hot water heaters can be made in a weekend for less than $100.

Why a solar hot water heater?

Solar water heater panels, are cheap to make, run at much higher efficiencies than solar electric systems, and they can save you up to a third on your energy costs.

Solar electric systems (photovoltaics) do supply power for a range of uses but they can cost anywhere up to $20,000, have low efficiencies and take many years to payback.

You could buy a solar hot water system for $1000 or more, or you can make one for less than $100. You decide!

Home made Solar Hot Water Heaters

In order to build a solar water heater you need some basic materials that will cost you less than $100, and are readily available at your local hardware store.

  • The Solar Hot Water Guide gives you plans and designs to show you how to make the simple solar panels which are then connected to your existing heating system.
  • You can build the system in a weekend and immediately be improving your homes energy efficiency and saving money.
  • The system works in both warm and cold climates.
  • The solar hot water system produces clean energy that reduces the load, and can even extend the life of your existing hot water heater.

To get the Solar Water Heater Design Guide and start making your own DIY solar hot water Click Here!

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