Go Green, Live Rich

David Bach

Go Green, Live Rich the new book by David Bach.

Go Green, Live Rich is the new book by David Bach. David is probably better known for his eight previous books in the fields of wealth creation, among them 'The Automatic Millionaire' and 'Start Late Finish Rich'.

This is his first foray into the environmental arena and follows changes he made to his own lifestyle, and his discovery that he was actually saving money and improving his family's health by 'going green'. The book follows a simple theory...

50 small steps that each and every one of us can take to reduce our consumption, and reduce our footprint. He, however takes a different spin on the usual message by pointing out the monetary savings involved with each of these measures.

'Going green' is something that will actually provide people with financial benefits as well as helping them to live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. It completely debunks the myth that you have to be rich to live green.

"Great news; there is no green premium! By demonstrating how going green can fit any budget, David Bach shows that good environmental and financial decisions go hand-in-hand. Bach's "Go Green, Live Rich" gives great tips, useful to everyone, about how to save money and the planet at once."

- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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