Food Additives

Preservatives, Antioxidants and Flavour Enhancers

As someone who has ALWAYS has skin irritations, asthma and eczema, when you are told to try to maintain a healthy diet, limiting the amounts of food additives, preservatives and flavour enhancers in your food.
Do you know how seriously hard it is?

There is so much STUFF added to our food, that we (and our children) consume a veritable cocktail of chemicals every single day.

For some of us the result this cocktail can be migraines, behavioural shifts, asthma, skin irritations... and the list goes on.

I have turned into what I call a 'shopping Nazi', checking the labelling on every product that goes into my trolley, and driving my toddler mad with how long we now spend in the supermarket.

Food Additives are broken into four main categories-

  • Colours
  • Preservatives
  • Antioxidants
  • Flavour Enhancers

Recommended food additives to avoid-

102, 107, 110, 122-129, 132, 133, 142, 151, 155, 160b

Sorbates 200-203
Benzoates 210-213
Sulphites 220-228
Nitrates, nitrites 249-252
Proprionates 280-283
Whey Powder

Gallates 310-312
TBHQ, BHA, BHT 319-321

Flavour Enhancers
Glutamates (includes MSG) 620-625
Disodium guanylate 627
Disodium inosinate 631
Ribonucleotides 635
Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP)
Artificial flavours- All of them!

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