ECO Tube Launches

Green Videos for the Masses

ECO Tube has launched!

For all the YouTube fans on a mission to save the planet, ECO Tube is the hot new green-themed video-sharing site that aims to deliver green awareness to the masses through consumer reviews and short films that can then be commented on.

ECO tube the green- themed video sharing site is LIVE!

So if you're simply looking for a laugh, or perhaps how to change habits of a lifetime , then get on over to ECO Tube.

Maybe you've even got something important, or funny to say!

It would be GREAT if featured videos had tags so that we knew what they were about before clicking on them. Hey, but ECO-Tube is brand new and still in BETA, so we're sure they'll work out the minor glitches over the coming weeks and look forward to loads of funny yet environmental ways to spread the green word.

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