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For the rest of us, who are interested in cutting emissions but are not in the market for a new car, a new option has emerged to green your vehicle at a minimum cost.

It is called the 'Blade' and is a small attachment that fits to the tailpipe of your car to increase mileage/kilometres as well as trapping dirty particles.

Best of all the Blade costs only US$199, and is a fixture that you can install yourself, if you don't mind watching some instruction online.

Use the Blade to reduce your emissions and increase mileage, all for less than $200! For the numbers it -

  • works best on 4 cylinder vehicles but fits most cars
  • increases mileage by 34%
  • reduces emissions of carbon dioxide by 6%
  • nitrous oxide by 34%
  • methane by 33%
  • hydrocarbons by 57%
  • and carbon monoxide by 14%

If all the stats add up then it's the cheapest way to green your ride.

We'll keep you posted as to when the 'Blade' or a suitable equivalent becomes available in Australia.

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