Biodiesel Fuels

Hit Your Chipper for some WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil).

A pioneering couple are making their way around Australia, running their 4WD on waste vegetable oil (WVO) from fish and chip shops. Consequently, the adventure has been named 'Around Oz on a Battered Fish', as that's the smell that the running car emits. WVO is just one of the biodiesel fuels that can be used to run vehicles.

Civil engineer Gerard Mimmo and wife Rachel began the 30,000km trip early in May and expect to be back in Sydney for New Years Eve this year. Their 4WD has had some minor alterations to be able to switch between standard diesel (for starting), and biodiesel, which the car runs on once it is warm.

The advantages of biodiesel are that the car obviously costs less to run, as the fuel for this trip is being donated, but that it also produces lower carbon emissions than regular fuels.

Before you all go running to your local chipper, to run on biofuels you need to at least consider the following

  • you need to have a diesel engine in your vehicle

  • have biodiesel stations nearby, (In Australia, biodiesel is available and usually a little cheaper than standard diesel.)

  • find a local restaurant and set up an agreement for them to supply you with WVO for free (or at an agreed price)

  • otherwise be willing to make biodiesel at home

To follow the Mimmo's trek across the country you can check their blog.

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