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The new 2010 Prius has hit the streets of Australia, maintaining the unique Prius look that we have become accustomed to but with some new features that further enhance what people already love about the Prius.

The Prius has been the best selling hybrid (by a mile) in the US, and aims to reach the same standing in Australia, although with a much smaller market.

The new 2010 Prius is now available in Australia
The 2010 3rd Generation Prius boasts

  • Improved mileage on the previous models statistics
  • Aerodynamic styling and improved performance
  • Improved steering and braking
  • Solar Powered Cooling, Satellite Navigation, Radar Cruise Control - in the i-Tech model
  • Improved styling and quality in the interior

All these new features come at a price. In Australia the 2010 Prius will put you back $53500 for the base model, making it a pricey addition to the family, compared to other hybrid vehicles.

We'll let you decide if it's worth it!

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